Sleepy Ferreries

The small quiet town of Ferreries is positioned in the centre of the little island of Menorca, the capital Mahon is nearly 30km to the east and the old capital of Ciutadella 20km to the west.

We decided to visit Ferreries as it was only a 10 minute bus ride from where we were staying in Cala Galdana.

This was our first trip abroad with the baby, so it was a new experience for us and the main difference was that everything took longer to achieve and it was more of a faff.

It was a 10 minute walk to the bus stop from our hotel and then 10 minutes to Ferreries. The bus cost us €1.30 each (free for babies of course) and when we got there it was gone 1pm and siesta time had already begun…so many shops were closed and the streets were rather quiet, except for the sound of chatter at restaurants and a handful of tourists wandering the streets.

Emma had already found where to have lunch on Trip Advisor the day before, a Chinese called Restaurante Asiatico. We chose from the set menu and the food was tasty and a good price, although the flan for dessert was questionable…but we had to begin eating it and appearing to enjoy the dessert as 2 of the waitresses were standing over us fawning over our 6 month old daughter. One of them loved her so much we let her hold her and she wandered off showing our daugher to colleagues and other customers. It was quite weird to let our daughter out of our personal space and be paraded round by a stranger.

We found a lovely Mediterranean 14th century white church, I couldn’t resist a peek inside while Emma fed the little one and it was small and filled with many religious statues and artefacts. There was quite a haunting feel to the place. We wandered the streets a bit more while trying to keep the baby asleep and sheltered from the hot sun, failing on both counts.

Ferreries is a pretty little town in the centre of Menorca and has a market on Saturdaay mornings, which probably would be one of the best times to visit.

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