Birmingham’s shopping issues

The Bullring’s temporary new look

The Selfridges/Bullring’s exterior has a temporary new look while it is being renovated, it’s the first time we saw it on our visit last week. It’s quite a fancy design for a scaffolding wrap.

Visiting Birmingham this month was a bit sad on the shopping front. Grand Central has a huge empty space now John Lewis has closed. I don’t understand how that didn’t manage to stay open, it seemed very popular.

But we still enjoyed a nice lunch in Grand Central, at Giraffe.
Grand Central

The Bullring also had a few empty spaces with no more Debhanams, TK Maxx moving out of the shopping centre and the very recent closure of all Disney stores, except for one in London, I believe. We wanted one last look round a Disney store, it’ll be a long time before we get a chance to go round another one.

We still enjoyed the shopping we could do interspersed with eating and drinking, but with a general sadness of what once was, pre covid and pre Brexit.

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